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About AdPower

The more activated oxygen, the more efficient of engine condition
AdPower has been developed with the idea.

The principle of supplying activated oxygen

Supplying Negative Ion due to the attaching AdPower on the engine, the necessary clean oxygen is sent to the engine for combustion, hence it can improve the fuel efficiency and the environment.
Cross-section view of AdPower

Efficiency source from the trilaminar Laminate

First layer using special pigment, Second layer made of special alloy, Third tlayer made of thin and high performance glassfirber constitute laminate. Stable supply of Negative Ions to the air intake, activating oxygen, improving combustion in the engine.

AdPower is certified the efficiency by the many third-party test.
  • Performance Effect Test
    Ethiopia AddisAbaba Environment Agency
  • Exhaust Test
    Romania Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti(RATB)
  • Exhaust Test
    Mongolia Ulan Bator Transoitation Authority

Recommended for these people

By attaching AdPower, and those who want to improve the shelf life to maintain the engine condition and fuel consumption of the new car, gas mileage worsening, decreasing power, engine vibration, contamination of the engine oil and thinking of buying a used car, is contributing to cost savings and environmental improvement.

Principal use

Car, LP-Gas car, Hybrid car, Tax, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Boiler, Ship, Agricultural machine , Construction machine, Industry working machine , All internal- combustion

AdPower Installation Video